What are the commonly used methods for treating erectile dysfunction?

What are the commonly used methods for treating erectile dysfunction?

Modern medicine has many methods and means to treat erectile dysfunction, but patients often feel stunned and helpless. When choosing a treatment method, two things are important. One is under the guidance of a specialist, and the other is to combine your financial ability.
At present, the frequent use methods for clinical treatment of ED mainly include the following aspects:
1. convenient oral medication. Sildenafil citrate: Viagra, commonly known as Viagra, is a major revolution in the field of male science and treatment, and is the first oral drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat male ED, bringing hope to hundreds of millions of ED patients worldwide. . it can be favored by doctors and welcomed by ED patients because of its convenient taking, effective effect and good safety. It is the preferred oral drug for treating ED. The effective rate is as high as 70%~80%. Due to its appearance, blue color Therefore, some people call it the Smurf. Similar drugs also include vardenafil produced in Germany.Name: Elida) and American-made Tadalafil (Product name: Cialis).
2.transurethral administration and topical drugs. This type of treatment has the characteristics of topical administration, high local drug concentration, and no need for injection (very convenient). There are many drug dosage forms to choose from, such as alprostadil, Befar, etc. , prostaglandin El cream, is fast, safe and simple.
3.corpus cavernosum vasoactive drugs (ICI). For patients with mild to moderate vascular ED, it can cause effective penile erection and play a beneficial local role in erectile tissue and nerve vessels, providing a new way for the treatment of ED. It has the advantages of simplicity, quick onset, and clear effect. Although it is impossible for eradicated ED patients to eradicate the cause of the radical treatment, it needs to be injected once every time, but it is still widely accepted by the majority of patients and is effective for treating ED. Means, especially for ED patients who fail to treat, are intolerant, or are unwilling to receive other therapies.
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