Synephrine hydrochloride, CAS: 5985-28-4

Synephrine hydrochloride without side effect Synephrine hcl for weight loss 5985-28-4

Product Name: Synephrine hydrochloride
CAS: 5985-28-4
MF: C9H14ClNO2
MW: 203.67
Purity: 99%
EINECS: 227-804-6
Appearance: white powder
Usage : A α-adrenergic receptor agonist, vasoconstrictor.


Synephrine HCL is a weight loss ingredient that is found in Citrus Arantium fruit called bitter orange. This is the reason Synephrine HCL is largely found as an ingredient in many dietary supplements for weight loss. Synephrine HCL is having similarity with ephedrine though not as potent as ephedrine is.

Use of Synephrine HCL does not involve any legal issue being a dietary supplement.As already said synephrine was began to use as an alternative to ephedrine and synephrine has got almost the same benefits to that of ephedrine but its side effects are drastically lesser than ephedrine. Important health benefits of synephrine include- deceasing appetite, increasing metabolism, burning fat, promoting weight loss, increasing alertness and increasing energy and body heat. More importantly synephrine has been proved to be a remarkable substance that helps people in losing weight. Through its benefits of increasing energy and the degree of alertness, synephrine improves the ability of a person to do more and more exercise as a part of his weight loss plan. Similarly, decreased appetite and increased metabolism make the diet plan for weight loss a success. All these facilitate in contributing to the weight loss. Similarly important side effects of synephrine consumption may includes headache, nausea, increased HR anxiety, insomnia, and upset stomach. This apart as synephrine is a stimulant just like caffeine, people having heart problems must not take any product that has got synephrine HCL in it. The most important aspects of the side effects of synephrine are that they are very minor in nature and can be avoided if proper care and caution is taken while taking this and the same invariably should not be taken beyond the prescribed level.

Function of synephrine hydrochloride:

1. synephrine hydrochloride providing an energy boost, suppressing appetite
2. synephrine hydrochloride increasing metabolic rate and caloric expenditure
3. synephrine hydrochloride causes the breakdown of fat without affecting blood pressure or heart rate
4. synephrine hydrochloride treat chest congestion and indigestion
5. synephrine hydrochloride stimulate gastrointestinal functions, and improve circulatory and
liver functions.