Rip Cut 175mg/ml

Rip Cut 175 mg/ml Semi-Finished Injections Rip Cut blend 175

Each 1 ML of Rip Cut 175mg contains:

75 mg of Testosterone Propionate;

50 mg of Trenbolone Acetate;

50 mg of Drostanolone Propionate

Common recipe of 200 ml of Rip Cut 175 for homebrew:

Masteron Prop: 15 grams 12ml

Test Prop: 10 grams 7.5ml

Tren Ace: 10 grams 7.5ml

B.A. 2%, 4ml

B.B. 20%, 40ml

G.S.O. / E.O 50% 129ml

Five advantages of making finished steroids by yourself:

1.The cost is only 40-60% of the normal cost

2.They take only a short time to prepare

3.They are easier and cheaper to ship than amps or vials

4.Less chance of your order getting seized by customs

5.Unlike vials and amps, they come with a refund/reship policy

Rip Cutting Blend 175 Dosage

This is a powerful anabolic agent with very strong androgenic properties, providing you with the essential ingredients for high levels of muscle mass and fat loss. It is a very popular steroid for competitive conditioning.

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