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Selank Raw Material Hormone Peptide CAS NO.129954-34-3

CAS: 129954-34-3
MF: C33H57N11O9
MW: 751.9
Purity: 99%
Specification: 5mg/vial
Appearance: White Lyophilized Powder
Selank as a nootropic
Recreationally Selank is used to improve one’s ability to focus and concentrate, reduce mental fatigue, increase mental sharpness and increase memory and learning capacity. The first noticeable effect is usually stabilization of mood and general feeling of well-being.
Selank as an antiviral agent
Selank neuropeptide also expresses immunomodulatory effects. In 2009 a study by F. Ershov et all. has evaluated antiviral properties of Selank both in vitro and in vivo against the influenza virus strain A/Aichi 2/68 (H3N2). The pronounced antiviral effect of Selank was detected in both systems. The highest efficiency – completely supressed viral reproduction was shown when Selank was added to the cell culture 24 hours before inoculation.

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