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High Purity Melanotan-2(MT2) 10mg Tanning Peptide CAS NO.121062-08-6
Product name:Melanotan-2 freeze-drying powder
other name:Melanotan,MT2
CAS No.:121062-08-6
Molecular Formula: C50H69N15O9
Molecular Weight: 1024.15
Packing(injection):10mg in 2cc vial,10mg/vial, 10 vials/kit
storaqge:protect sun damage and 2-8 degrees Celsius
In powder (lyophilised) form, the Mela notan II (MT2) vial should be stored at refrigerator temperature (2-8 degrees Celsius) where it will remain stable for at least 12 months.
Once reconstituted (mixed) with solution, the vial should be stored in the refrigerator. Alternatively, you can pre-load the desired dosage into syringes and freeze them – then when you wish to administer a dose, just unthaw one syringe (takes a few minutes)
Do not freeze/unthaw the mt2 vial each time you wish to do a shot as this will degrade the solution.
Under no circumstances should the vial be shaken

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