Gastrin I Human information
Product Name: Gastrin I Human
Synonyms:Gastric Mucin,Gastrin I, pig;[18-PYROGLUTAMIC ACID]BIG GASTRIN I-(18-34)-PEPTIDE AMIDE, HUMAN
CAS: 10047-33-3,84082-64-4
MF: C97H124N20O31S
MW: 2098.2
Appearance:Light yellow or light gray powder, or tiny particles
Usage:After the product is applied, the inner wall adheres to the stomach, and a protective film is formed on the ulcer wound surface to reduce the stimulation of the stomach surface by the stomach acid, so that it is not corroded by gastric acid and gastric enzyme, thereby achieving the purpose of healing the wound. Can be used for stomach, duodenal ulcer and hyperacidity.
Application: Gastrin is a kind of mucin produced by digestion and digestion of porcine gastric mucosa. It has anti-pepsin decomposition and weak acid resistance. It can form a membrane in the stomach, cover the ulcer surface, reduce the stimulation of gastric acid, and is beneficial to the ulcer surface. Healing can also reduce the suffering of patients. Gastrin can activate the regenerating DNA replication chain of gastric mucosal cells, causing the gastric mucosa to rapidly form new tissue, in addition to anti-pepsin decomposition and weak acid resistance, forming a membrane in the stomach, covering the ulcer surface, reducing gastric acid stimulation, Conducive to the healing of ulcer surface; clinically used for the treatment of stomach, duodenal ulcer and hyperacidity



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