Dexamethasone Basic information
Product Name: Dexamethasone
Synonyms: -Methyl Prednisolone-d3 3,20-Dioxime;-Fluoro-21-hydroxy-16α-Methyl-20(R)-hydroxy Prednisolone 21-Acetate;-OL-20-ONE GLUCOSIDURONATE, SODIUM SALT;17-DIOL-20-ONE 3-SULPHATE SODIUM SALT;-OL ~78%;-DIOL-17-ONE;-OL-20-ONE ACETATE 20-OXIME
CAS: 50-02-2
MF: C22H29FO5
MW: 392.46
Standard: EP, pharmaceutical grade
Assay: 99%
Appearance: white powder
Packaging: 1KG/aluminum foil bag
Product Categories: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients;Antitumors for Research and Experimental Use;Biochemistry;Hydroxyketosteroids;Steroids;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Steroid and Hormone;Pharmaceutical intermediate;API;MAXIDEX;Hormone Drugs;Mainly used for anti-inflammatory and allergy;Pharmaceuticals;Isotope Labeled Compounds;-;Pharmaceutical intermediates;pharmaceutical intermediate and medicine grade
Chemical Properties White or almost white, crystalline powder.
Dexamethasone Usage
Description Dexamethasone is an Anti-inflammatory glucocorticoid that is used to treat inflammatory and autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and bronchospasm. It is useful to study apoptosis, cell signaling pathways and gene expression. It is associated with marbofloxacin and clotrimazole and finds application in veterinary medicine to treat difficult ear infections in dogs. It is also used to treat horses with swelling of of distal limbs and general bruising in combination with trichlormethiazide.
Dexamethasone induces the production of phospholipase A2 inhibitory protein (lipocortin). It also inhibits induction of nitric oxide synthase (IC50=5 nM). Dexamethasone has been shown to cause reduction in cyclin A and Cd k2 activity, inhibition of G1/S transition in osteoblasts and inhibition of phosphorylation of Rb protein in vitro. Dexamethasone has been observed to induce apoptosis in human thymocytes and eosinophils, but inhibits apoptosis in neutrophils in vitro. Dexamethasone is an activator of IDO.
Dexamethasone Inhibits the expression of the inducible but not the constitutive nitric oxide synthase in vascular endothelial cells (IC50=5 nM). Dexamethasone regulates T cell survival, growth, and differentiation.Enhances active cation transport in aortic smooth muscle cells by stimulating the Na+-K+ pump. Has anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties. Induces apoptosis in human thymocytes. In general, 500-1000 nM of dexamethasone is sufficient to induce apoptosis following a 6-hour incubation at 37°C
Uses Glucocorticoid.
Uses Anti-inflammatory glucocorticoid with anti-inflammatory activity. Induces the production of phospholipase A2 inhibitory protein (lipocortin). Inhibits induction of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) (IC50=5nM). Induces apoptosis in eosinophils, but inhibits it in neutrophils. Both effects are blocked by RU-486. Modulates osteogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells. Inhibits constitutive OPG mRNA steady-state levels in a dose- and time-dependent fashion, promoting osteoclast formation. Oral dexamethasone administration induces an increase in insulin resistance in humans. Furthermore, it inhibits differentiation of immature to mature dendritic cells.



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