PEG 300,PEG 400 or PEG 600 to Suspend Orals?

PEG 300,PEG 400 or PEG 600 to Suspend Orals?

PEG 300,PEG 400 or PEG 600 to Suspend Orals?

When making oral liquids,most require PEG 300,but most people can only find PEG 400.Will PEG 400 work fine and what is the difference between PEG 300 and PEG 400?

The number refers size of the glycol chains. the bigger the # the more of a solid it is. The bigger the number the less its absorbed (even when injected).

Normaly the harder things to put into a solution like nolvadex or winny require a higher number.

Where as easier things like an oral dbol can be achieved without it and 190 grain will suffice as well as PEG 300.

Its not reccomended to use over 400 for oral delivery, with appropriate dilution and cosolvent. How much they hold really depends on the character of the molecule being suspended as well as cosolvent or suspension agents.

For applications where Peg 300 was specified – Peg 400 should be fine – the viscosity difference is not significant.

The particle density is such that it falls out of suspension too quickly in Peg 300, and the more viscous PEG 600 will keep it stable long enough for dispensing.

The number in PEG (200,300,400,600) is what the molecular weight that it will suspend. If you have a powder with a molecular weight of 383, then you would need at least PEG 400 to suspend it. The number has absolutly nothing to do with how much you would use.Use the same amount as PEG deals with the molecular weight that the substance will suspend. You will find that 95 percent of recipies that require PEG , and PEG 400 will work fine.

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