How to Make Your Own Bacteriostatic Water at Home?

How to Make Your Own Bacteriostatic Water at Home?

Bacteriostatic Water is basically sterile water mixed with 0.9% benzyl alcohol.To get Bacteriostatic Water is becoming harder and harder and price is going up as well,so it becomes common people make it at home.Follow the guides below then you will get your bacteriostatic water to dissolve peptides and suspend sarm powders.

Items Needed for Making Bacteriostatic Water

10cc syringe, (needed to measure out the benzyl alcohol)

0.1cc benzyl alcohol,

10cc distilled water,

0.22 syringe pore filter,

10cc sterile vial

Alcohol Pads (You need these to wipe down the vial tops)

Two 18gauge pins one for drawing water and one for injecting in sterile vial.

Small pin 27gauge for letting air pressure out of vial you injecting benzyl alcohol into

Water:No need to boil water, but use distilled water or water that has gone through reverse osmosis, then filter into sterile bottle through filter. Also Some people use tap water and have had no problems with this, but it would be better if you research your tap water by reading the pdf your city/locale will put out on water quality before determining how safe it is to use. You also want to make sure you’re not injecting lead – so if you are living in a building that has been around for a while, run the water for 2 minutes before collecting it. Even if you have a new building, the “lead free” pipes can still have a tiny amount of lead in it ,so please run the faucet for a while nonetheless.

(The pin used for injecting into the sterile vial and relieving air pressure should stay there with the filter until the process is complete. use the other pin to draw the water with.)

How to make Bacteriostatic Water

1.Use an alcohol swab to wipe off the top of your benzyl alcohol vial.

2.Draw up 0.1ml benzyl alcohol into a 10cc syringe

3.Draw up 10ml distilled water into 10cc syringe

4.Connect 0.22 pore filter to needle with BA and water

5.Push contents of syringe into a 10cc sterile vile (remember to swab the top of vial before this step) and its Bac water!

When creating bacteriostatic water, go with the standard 0.9% benzyl alcohol to 99.1% water ratio,don’t increase/decrease it without being more knowledgeable.Be sure to add 1ml of sterile benzyl alcohol for every 99ml of water.

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