How to Make Steroid Tablets/Pills?

How to Make Steroid Tablets/Pills?

Steroid pills are one of the most common forms of anabolic steroids available.Steroid tablets are very popular among performance enhancers for a few reasons; they’re generally extremely fast acting, they often only come in tablet form, they often carry shorter detection times, and of course, they’re very easy to use.

So how to make good steroid tablet is a question,here is the guide step by step to help.

The medicine tablet manufacturing process involves several main steps, including blending or granulation of materials, lubrication, pressing, and film coating. Different medicines will require different tablet manufacturing processes because sometimes adequate homogeneous mixing requires additional steps. Tablets require the proper dosage of the active ingredient as well as proper mixing, which includes evenly distributed ingredients in appropriate amounts.

How to make Steroid Tablets/Pills

Equipments and Materials Needed:

High Purity Steroid Powder

Inactive Filler(MCC,Lactose Powder,Magnesium stearate,Stearic acid..etc)

Mixing Machine(Mix active powders with inactive ingredients)

Tablet Press Machine(TDP-0,TDP-1.5,TDP-5)

Tablet Counting and Filling Machine



Punch Die

Tablet/Pills Producing Steps:

1.Work out the dosage of each pill/tab, like 25mg/tab;

2.Prepare the proper size of pill/tab size mold;

3.Work out the oral tablet steroid Conversion recipes of active /inactive formulation;

  1. Add Proper Weight Steroid Powders and inactive fillers into mixing machine,make sure they are mixed up well.

5.Use tablet Press machine to Produce tabs/Pills:Put the well mixed powder into the pill press machine,set your press machine to make a pill you like,size and shape.

Watch the tablet press machine video might help you know better about the whole producing.

6.Use the Tablet Counting and Filling Machine to pack the tablets in the bottle.

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