Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) 200mg/ml

Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)200mg/ml
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100mg/ml Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)
150mg/ml Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)
200mg/ml Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)
250mg/ml Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)
300mg/ml Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)

200mg/ml Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) Steroid Oil
Nandrolone Decanoate Powder Conversion Recipes
Deca for 10 grams 50 ml and 200 mg/ml
10 grams powder
32.50 ml sesame oil
2.5ml BA 5%
7.50ml BB 15%

Deca Durabolin Doses:
Coming up with the correct Deca Durabolin doses can be an extremely difficult task for many men. Because the hormone is so suppressive to natural testosteroneproduction, many men will overcompensate with testosterone, shortchange their Deca Durabolin doses or both. Regardless of your Deca Durabolin doses, it’s important to remember maintaining total hormonal balance is the key to success. Even if you’re using high Deca Durabolin doses, as long as estrogen levels are kept at a proper, healthy range and enough testosterone is given to the body to meet its needs problems will not arise.
When looking at Deca Durabolin doses, we are also left with an important question; Inevitably this will be the period of time in which we see the highest Deca Durabolin doses.
*Off-Season Deca Durabolin Doses:
Off-season Deca Durabolin doses will normally fall in the 300-400mg per week range. If 300-400mg per week is tolerated well, high Deca Durabolin doses can be considered.
*Cutting Deca Durabolin Doses:
Most do not think of Deca Durabolin as a cutting steroid, but it is not uncommon for the Nandrolone hormone to appear in many competitive bodybuilding contest cycles. The steroid will not provide conditioning effects like Trenbolone, Anavar or Winstrol, but it can be useful. Deca Durabolin doses that fall in the 200-300mg per week range, especially at the front end of a cutting cycle, can be very beneficial.
*Athletic Deca Durabolin Doses:
Because it is primarily viewed as a bulking steroid, many never consider Deca Durabolin for the purpose of enhancing athletic performance. In order to grow you must eat to grow, and without excess calories and significant Deca Durabolin doses you won’t have an issue. In this case, the individual will use low Deca Durabolin doses in order to provide therapeutic relief. Deca Durabolin doses of 100-200mg per week will normally be all that’s needed. Most will, however, want to stick to the 200mg per week mark for true benefits to be obtained.
*Deca Durabolin Doses – Duration:
Short-term use will not yield a high return. At a minimum, regardless of the Deca Durabolin doses you choose, the hormone will need to be used for at least 8 weeks to see any benefits. While 8 weeks is the minimum, approximately 10-12 weeks will be the most beneficial for most men. Many men will also find they can easily tolerate as much as 16 weeks of use, but most will want to cut it off at the 10-12 week mark.
*Deca Durabolin Doses & Sexual Issues:
Because the Nandrolone hormone is so suppressive to natural testosterone production, if the individual experiences sexually related side effects like erectile dysfunction or loss of libido, often they make inappropriate adjustments. In some cases, this may remedy the problem, but often it only makes it worse. If you’re having issues, the odds are strong your hormone levels are unbalanced. If you’re not controlling estrogen and estrogen levels get too high, you may have sexually related side effects. If you then add more testosterone, thereby adding more aromatase activity, you are only exasperating the problem. Then we have the opposite, you are controlling estrogen but you’re taking it too far.

Deca Durabolin Cycle
· Bulking Deca Durabolin Cycle – Moderate:
Week TestosteroneEnanthate Deca Durabolin Dianabol Arimidex
1 500mg/wk 400mg/wk 30mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
2 500mg/wk 400mg/wk 30mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
3 500mg/wk 400mg/wk 30mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
4 500mg/wk 400mg/wk 30mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
5 500mg/wk 400mg/wk 30mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
6 500mg/wk 400mg/wk 30mg/ed 0.5mg/eod
7 500mg/wk 400mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
8 500mg/wk 400mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
9 500mg/wk 400mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
10 500mg/wk 400mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
11 500mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
12 500mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
· Bulking Deca Durabolin Cycle – Advanced:
Week TestosteroneCypionate Deca Durabolin Dianabol HGH Arimidex
1 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 50mg/ed 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
2 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 50mg/ed 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
3 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 50mg/ed 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
4 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 50mg/ed 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
5 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 50mg/ed 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
6 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 50mg/ed 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
7 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
8 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
9 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
10 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
11 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
12 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
13 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
14 200mg/eod 500mg/wk 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
15 200mg/eod 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod
16 200mg/eod 4iu/ed 0.5mg/eod

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