Articaine hydrochloride, CAS:23964-57-0

Articaine hydrochloride HCL Local Anesthetic CAS NO.23964-57-0 with high purity

Articaine hydrochloride

CAS NO.23964-57-0
MF: C13H20N2O3S.ClH
MW: 320.839
EINECS: 245-957-7
Product Categories: local anesthetic;Pharmaceutical intermediate
Appearance : White powders
Purity : 99%
Usage: Articaine is a dental local anesthetic. It is the most widely used local anesthetic in a number of European countries and is available in many countries around the world.
Articaine is used for pain control. Like other local anesthetic drugs, articaine causes a transient and completely reversible state of anesthesia (loss of sensation) during (dental) procedures.
In dentistry, articaine is used both for infiltration and block injections, with the block technique yielding the greatest duration of anesthesia.
In people with hypokalemic sensory overstimulation, lidocaine is not very effective, but articaine works well.

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